10 Reasons to Choose Bright & Beautiful Franchise

Everyone wants a Happy Home!

Our lives are busy. With the advent of our 24/7 society, longer working hours, commuting for your career and the demands of young children and busy family life – it’s no wonder our clients need our help. The domestic cleaning industry is estimated to be worth £4.7bn a year and in recent reports it was stated that ‘1 in 3’ homes were preparing to spend money on reliable help around the home in exchange for some free time.

In our recent customer survey we asked our clients what it meant to have Bright & Beautiful in their lives and a whopping 94% of respondents agreed “You make our home happier”. We can confidently say our service makes a difference and is seen as essential and no longer a luxury!

Our Strict Security procedures and Holistic Housekeeping (bespoke service) were rated as very important to our clients.

Bright & Beautiful is scalable

Each of our franchise owners serves a territory with thousands of homes. You might be surprised to know that our clients and our services are diverse.

Our core client base are busy working families but our client base is as diverse as the UK. We serve clients in apartments, bungalows, detached, semi-detached and large country homes. The range of services we offer has expanded to include; weekly cleans, fortnightly cleans, initial cleans, deep cleans, spring cleans, end of tenancy cleans, ironing and laundry services.

We specialise in professional domestic cleaning but this comes in all shapes and sizes and our franchisees are working with directly with homeowners and via letting agents and private landlords.

Contemporary 21st century brand

Our high-quality literature, website and graphics stand out in our local territories and online. This drives quality clients to our business and generates referrals.

When you join our franchise you’ll have access to our online marketing portal which forms part of our dynamic marketing system, you are able to easily order and use our dynamic brand in your own local community.

Right now you are looking at our website so you’ll know how Bright & Beautiful stands out from the competition online. Just like our clients, you’ll appreciate the visual appeal and the things which make us stand out from the crowd online.

Watch our franchisees talk about why they chose a Bright & Beautiful Franchise.

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Low Start Up Investment and Funding Available

Some franchise concepts demand very high investments with many exceeding £120,000 and others significantly more.

The investment in a Bright & Beautiful franchise starts at £17,995 + VAT and total investment in the region of £35,000 including essential working capital.

Up to 70% of the total investment including working capital requirements can be funded by high street banks. We have strong relationships with well-known banks and lenders. You are not starting on your own, you are starting a business with a proven history of success.

Call us and we’ll explain more.

Cash positive and growing monthly revenue

Using Bright & Beautiful model and systems your clients will pay you in advance for one-off services and pay you monthly by Direct Debit for regular services. You don’t need to spend time chasing payment.

Our franchise is scalable and even franchise owners with significant annual turnovers – still grew by more than 30% year on year! – demonstrating they continue to create demand and grow. Every time you add a new regular client you grow your client base which grows your regular monthly revenue – it’s that simple!

We’ve created ethical employment in the cleaning industry

Back in 2010 we set out to create ethical employment in an industry which was dogged by stereotypes and the stigma of cleaners being undervalued or being self- employed or worse still, working for cash in hand.

The reality of that means many cleaners will work unsociable hours, travel between jobs but not get paid for that time and receive little or nothing by way of employment benefits such as receiving holiday pay.

At Bright & Beautiful our professional housekeepers – a term we are proud to use – work in teams. They are ethically employed, have employment rights and can benefit from a career path which could see them develop into an office based role if they and you choose that’s the right path. We’ve created over 700 jobs and we’ll show you how to create jobs in your local community.

Our Training and Support is recognised as outstanding

Our proven support system has launched over 60 successful franchisees and our dedicated Home Office team have a wealth of experience in franchise support with a full support programme throughout your journey from launch to long term success.

We know how important training and support is for every new business owners, we’ll teach you our systems and ensure that you have everything you need to make a success of your Bright & Beautiful business.

Bright & Beautiful were Natwest BFA Finalists for “Support Team of the Year 2018”

We are a Neighbourly company

We have experience, we have franchisees and we have a great history as an independent brand but fast forward to 2017 and everything which was Bright & Beautiful got bigger and bolder…

In April 2017 we joined the Neighbourly family – an international powerhouse in franchising. We specialise in repairing, enhancing and maintaining homes around the globe. With more than 22 international brands and more than 3,000 franchisees – people just like you – there’s more service industry and franchising experience at your disposal than with any other brand in the UK cleaning industry!

We are ECO Friendly

The products our professional housekeepers use and the products we use in our client’s homes matter to us.

It turns out that it matters to our clients too. We rely on our brand pillars and we’ll show you how to use them to create loyalty in your business. As well as ethical employment, strict security and holistic housekeeping our brand pillar pure products is valued by our teams and our clients – they love us even more because we are kind to their homes, families and of course our environment.

You are at a crossroads and the time is right – right?

The reasons that our franchise owners join us are varied but the one thing they all have in common is the strong desire to create something for themselves but not by themselves.

Dave joined us because he could see the significant revenue potential in his region, Sarah joined us because she was never going to be made redundant again and wanted to be her own boss, Mike joined us because he wanted to leave the corporate world behind and build his own business under his control.

What’s your reason?

If you think it’s time to design your own future and want to speak to someone who can talk to you about franchising and Bright & Beautiful then please don’t hesitate, we speak to lots of people every week who want to start their own business.

Don’t leave it too long though – call and find out if your area is still available.