How to nurture clients in your cleaning business

One of the most important aspects of running any business is client retention and satisfaction, especially when studies show that acquiring a new customer costs five times as much as retaining an existing one.

So, once you’ve attracted and interested people in your services as a housekeeping business, how do you make sure that all that hard work and investment pays off by nurturing their interest in and commitment to you for the long term?

The holy grail of business longevity

Clients that sign up to your services week in, week out are what any new business prays for. Signing on the dotted line and committing to paying for your services allows you to plan ahead, budget for your team, materials and timetable.

As a business owner its vital to put yourself in your clients’ shoes and imagine what would make you happy and content.

Make it personal

The beauty of being a small business owner – and particularly a housekeeping business that means you are physically connected to your clients by being in their homes – means you can be personal and thoughtful when it comes to coming up with a plan to nurture them.

Talk to your clients, housekeepers, social media community, friends and family about what you’re up to and about what they would like to see from you – introduce the team, talk about local events in your area, ask about what else they’d like to see you offer etc.

Consider how you can do things differently from your competitors – could you partner with other like-minded local businesses to cross promote your services or offer exclusive promotions on Facebook?

Communication is key

It can be a fine line for any business to know when and how to communicate with clients and of course everyone has their own preferences. If you are joining a franchise network, they will have a myriad of CRM tools and marketing materials that you can access, so find a route that you feel will fit your client base.

Always respond to clients contacting you as soon as you can. They will appreciate that you can’t be on your phone 24/7 but nothing is more irritating than having to chase someone and leave messages and, if they are calling to complain, it only makes the problem seem worse.

Communicating can cover everything from follow up satisfaction emails – were you happy with your clean, is there anything we can do better? – to news of new services or promotions you might be launching.

And it doesn’t always have to be service led news of course – share your good news too such helping a local charity, appearing in the local paper or reaching an anniversary.

Create a community

There has been a big shift in the way that people think about local businesses recently and a real sense that we want to support locally based and run companies who are playing a part in the community.

From supporting local charities to donating prizes to a school in your area, customers like to see your name and brand at the heart of their town or village. It builds trust, appreciation and hopefully recommendations.

Be the bright spot

Your cleaning service is all about taking away a problem so celebrate that fact! We know that clients regularly feedback that they love walking into their homes and are able to instantly relax after the housekeeping team has been there. Everything you do as a cleaning business needs to support that valuable feeling.

That could range from being positive, professional and asking the client how they are when you arrive at their home to leaving them small gifts to mark Christmas, the arrival of a baby, or other special occasions.