The bright future for the UK domestic cleaning market

According to a 2017 report by insurer Esure, demand for regular home cleaners has grown by over 25% in the past 5 years.

While the UK has experienced a number of recessions and periods of uncertainty in recent years and despite being on the face of it a ‘luxury’ purchase, demand for domestic cleaners remains buoyant.

So why does this market keep growing and what might the future hold?

Acceptance of domestic help at home

Supported enormously by the franchise industry and the desire for flexible working conditions, the number of domestic support businesses has seen a real boom over the past decade.

Where people may have been embarrassed to admit that they paid for help within their home, now it is widely accepted and appreciated that cleaners, along with gardeners, dog walkers and many other professions, add hugely to our quality of life.

Leisure time is precious

Our busy lives, the need for the whole household to work and longer working hours have meant that, for many people, prioritising leisure or family time has become paramount. We’re simply not prepared to sacrifice our evenings or weekends to carrying out household chores.

Women in particular have rejected the 1970s image of Superwoman who manages both a perfect home and career.Enter a well-trained, well equipped army of housekeepers to keep both the dirt and the list of chores at bay!

Career prospects in housekeeping

The growth of the domestic cleaning franchise industry has been fuelled in part by the growing number of men and women who want and need flexible or part-time work.

While unregulated agencies continue to give the industry a poor name, regulation and the will of reputable employers and franchise networks have made becoming a housekeeper a career of real value and with real prospects. There is real pride in the work housekeepers do with the dates Upstairs Downstairs stereotype a real thing of the past. Managing a home is a complex and rewarding thing to do.

Creating a pleasant environment

Over the last few decades our homes have become ever more important to us all – as a place of rest, relaxation and recuperation from a busy working day.

Medical and lifestyle studies have proved that healthy living conditions have a positive impact on both our mental and physical wellbeing, from keeping dust at bay to the psychological relief of not having to tackle housework after a long day.

House values

We also know that maintaining a house to good standards can add significantly to its value. Having a cleaning expert take care of your home – especially rooms that are expensive to replace like kitchens and bathrooms – will keep them looking good for much longer, great for your own enjoyment and good for the property’s value.

Socio economic patterns

We know that the 2007 recession saw a significant rise in the number of women returning to work, which in turn led to increased demand for cleaning services as fewer women were at home to carry out the jobs necessary to keep a home running smoothly.

The continued growth in the number of millennials living in shared properties and the trend towards smaller houses has also had an impact. With less storage in modern apartments and houses, the less clutter the better, particularly when there are several residents contributing to it!

The franchise industry’s ongoing work to bring regulation, professionalism and improved standards to the domestic cleaning market is having a big impact across the sector which is to be much admired.

Households, homes, housekeepers and entrepreneurs alike all look set to benefit from the bright future that lies ahead for the industry.