Now Part of the VetFran Initiative to Support Our Veterans

VetFran supports military veterans resettling into civilian life

We are very proud to be part of a new initiative, launched by our parent company Dwyer Group.

VetFran is a new franchising programme that offers military veterans a new route to business ownership and civilian life.

The idea first took shape in the US over 27 years ago and was designed to thank men and women for their military service.

The programme has now been launched in the UK to help veterans and former members of the emergency services to access franchise opportunities through education, financial assistance and industry mentorship, enabling and equipping them to make a smooth transition to becoming their own boss.

The programme also offers financial discounts to transitional veterans in the UK who want to own a franchise, including 15% off the franchise fee for the initial base territory purchase, as well as special vendor incentives for those that qualify.

Taking inspiration from the US

“The success of the VetFran program in the US has inspired us to launch the scheme in the UK and we’re proud to provide the opportunity to help transition military personnel and current veterans to become franchisees”, says Jeff Meyers, Vice President of International Operations at the Dwyer Group. “We are very fond of what the military does and the people they turn out as they have a great skill set to translate to franchised businesses – both using leadership skills, hard work and the mindset to follow a proven system.”

We are very lucky to count a number of former military and forces men and women as part of our Bright & Beautiful team and have been proud to work with and support them in making the most of their entrepreneurial talents.

Bright & Beautiful’s Sue Mark served in the Navy

Sue Mark, a Bright & Beautiful franchise owner covering Hampshire, said: “Having completed 22 years’ service in the Navy as an engineer, I chose to go into franchising as I wanted to be in charge of both my own destiny and a team of people. Just over two years ago, I bought a Bright & Beautiful franchise, which is part of a network of 57 franchisees belonging to the Dwyer Group family of brands and have gone on to build up a team of 13 housekeepers.

I wanted a new challenge of being my own boss, as well as setting up a new business that had systems already in place with support, guidance and training from its franchisor. The skills I gained in the Navy have been totally transferable to the commercial world and have been invaluable to the day to day running of my business, from organisation and planning to being able to deal with any situation that arises in a calm manner. Working for yourself is hugely rewarding and already I am reaping the rewards from all the effort and hard work I have put into growing the franchise.”

Not Just the Armed Services, Bright & Beautiful’s Sandra Reid served in the Hampshire Constabulary

Sandra Reid enjoyed a 23-year career with the Hampshire Constabulary, working on the London Olympics in 2012, joining 9000 other officers to police the 2014 NATO conference in Wales and running a Princes Trust team program working with underprivileged young people which earned her a commendation for outstanding leadership and a personal letter from Prince Charles. Sandra launched her Bright & Beautiful franchise in Chandler’s Ford in 2015 and says: “I’ve always wanted to set up and run my own business and, having achieved so much with the police force, I felt the time was right to strike out on my own now.

A million more people are now using cleaners than a decade ago, thanks to our increasingly busy lives, and I knew I could adapt the many skills I had acquired working in the police force to fill the gap in the market for a professional housekeeping service in Hampshire.”

The VetFran programme extends to all of the UK based franchises within the Dwyer Group, which include Bright & Beautiful, Drain Doctor, Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, Mr Electric and Aire Serv.

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