We’re going for growth! – £6million and counting

6 Million Franchise Image

We were delighted to announce that in May our nationwide franchise network exceeded a £6million annual turnover, our highest revenue point since we launched in 2007.

We now employ over 500 people, delivering more than 10,000 home service cleans per month and have plans in place to create 500 new professional housekeeper roles by 2021, bringing our talented workforce to over 1000.

We’ve also expanded our franchise support team to eight and the marketing department to a team of four, with additional Head Office recruitment planned for later in the year.

Our franchise network turnover has grown by more than £1m since we became part of the Dwyer Group in 2017 and the majority of this growth is due to the expansion of our individual franchises locally and to the franchisees achieving their own ambitious business goals.

We asked some of our franchisees why they joined us and how they are driving their own businesses forward

Toni Hibbert said: “As a recently launched Bright & Beautiful franchisee, I have had lots of support and communication with HQ. I felt immediately drawn to the brand when doing my research and it aligned with so many of my own views on how I wanted my business to be. I am part of a premium brand with an eco-friendly ethos, providing ethical employment in my local area which is perfect for me! I love that I own my own business whilst belonging to the Bright and Beautiful family, it is the best of both worlds and it feels like such an exciting time to join the larger Dwyer Group.”

Deborah Hart, a former paramedic with the North East Ambulance Service for 17 years before joining us, says: “The support I get from HQ and the initial training gave me a great head start. I am sure that without the support I would not have been as successful if I had set up on my own. It’s easy to see why so many new businesses fail: without the help and support of a wider network there is so much I would not have known. Bright and Beautiful are different because of the quality, reliability, thorough service, customer service and response to customer issues. I love that I can offer family friendly working and flexible hours to my team, it’s so important to me as a working mum.”

Mum of three Morag Readman was previously a director in an advertising agency and decided in 2014 to do something on her own. Morag says: “Becoming a franchisee has certainly changed my life, I feel I have a lot more control over my own future in this business. I’m really proud of being an ethical employer, contributing to the local economy and setting high standards.”

A further 500 jobs across the UK over the next three years

Sue Moore, President of Bright & Beautiful, said: “As a business we have grown consistently since we began, fuelled by the fact that one in four UK households now relies on some form of domestic help. Our national growth strategy coupled with our incredible team, means that we are now on target to create a further 500 jobs across the UK over the next three years.”