Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you recruit team members and how many team members do you need?

A. Research your local employment market. Make sure you understand which towns, suburbs,
postcodes, streets will provide you with candidates for your professional housekeeping roles. Find
out where you can advertise and promote your jobs in those areas, research online and offline

Q. Does your cleaning franchise offer a guaranteed income?

A. We don’t offer a guaranteed income with our cleaning franchise – however we are proud of the fact we don’t feel we need to and believe it’s not actually the best business model for a prospective franchisee. Read More

Q. When is the best time to launch?

A. Timing is important when establishing a business. Bright & Beautiful run induction training dates
which help guide your launch date. You’ll attend initial training before launching you’re business but
you can do a lot of groundwork and prepare your business before attending initial training.

Q. Who are your most successful franchisees and what are their career backgrounds?

A. Our franchise owners have a diverse range of industry backgrounds: army, police, care industry
and senior managerial roles. Franchisees who enjoy most success really use the tools, system and
model to drive their business journey.

Q. Do I need to buy products and equipment?

A. You will receive products and equipment within your investment

Q. Do I need to buy a vehicle?

A. This is a variable, you may choose to use your own car or get a branded vehicle which is great for marketing

Q. What support will I receive?

A. At Bright & Beautiful our Franchise support covers all areas of your business, giving you peace of mind that there is always somebody there to help you. The support includes: –

  • Management support- via onsite visits, review meetings, telephone support and emails
  • Business Development support- new business ideas and market opportunities
  • Finance support- management accounting and book-keeping support
  • HR support- recruitment, team development and disciplinary support
  • Training & Development via The Annual Conference, Quarterly networking events, On- line forums and intranet